We take our time to perfect each and every batch of our craft premium alcohol seltzer to ensure we always deliver quality over quantity to our customers. Founded just five short years ago by Amy Walberg — a single mom of two — we have quickly become the largest independent woman-owned seltzer company in America.


We only use all-natural ingredients (like REAL fruits and spices) to enhance what’s already inside our understated yet sophisticated cans for a truly superior sipping experience from start to finish.


Our craft premium alcohol seltzer has been carbon filtered to remove gluten and brewed at a lower ABV% rate to not only highlight our complex flavor notes but also allow for longer (and more satisfying) sipping sessions that leave you feeling lifted.

Look for our newest limited-edition flavors

Pineapple Basil features vibrant, tropical fruit punctuated by the aromatic and herbal tones of garden fresh basil

Lingonberry Elderflower combines the refreshing tartness of lingonberries with a touch of a slightly sweet floral

Meet Amy Walberg – The Founder of PRESS

When life bubbles over,
big ideas bubble up


In 2015, I was at a crossroads. I was a newly single mom doing my best to manage a full-time job in corporate marketing and my 24/7 job as parent to an infant and a lively toddler. Every mom out there understands the demands I was juggling. It was time to make some big changes. During a fateful dinner with an old friend, a new path forward was sparked by a chance comment.

Sipping on sparkling water—a habit
I picked up during my European travels—I spontaneously voiced a thought aloud. “I wish there was a little something in this seltzer,”
I confided.

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